My Lineage

L1 Mikao Usui was the originator of what we today call Reiki. He was born on August 15th 1865 in the village of 'Taniai-mura'  in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture Kyoto. Dr Mikao Usui, a Christian Minister and Buddhist Usui Sensei introduced  The symbols, after his experience.  and Years after, he  introduced the Reiki ideals.
L2 After Dr. Usui passed on, Dr. Hayashi became the leader of Reiki. Dr. Hayashi developed the practice of treatments by using specific hand placements over the body. He also introduced the initiation procedures for each degree. 
L3 Hawayo Takata was born at dawn on December 24th, 1900, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and she brought Reiki the the west. Mrs. Takata initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters.Mrs Takataintroduced: The 10,000 dollar fee for Reiki Mastership
L4 Phyllis Lei Furumoto is Mrs Takata's Granddaughter became Grand Master of Usui Reiki. Phyllis travels the world, guiding masters and students. Mrs Takata’s Masters introduced  The 'Waiting Time' between degrees
L5 William Lee Rand Founder, The International Centre for Reiki Training, William and others introduced extra Reiki methods, William is the creator of Karuna Reiki® William teaches Reiki in classes around and is actively works towards world peace.
L6 Dr Alan Sweeny Reiki Master was born 21st Feb and teaches both spiritual and scientific evidence for most Reiki, healing and psychic issues. He has taught 14 different healing methods around the world for 27 years
  Wendy Monks  ( Now Retired)
L7 Yvonne McSherry is a full Reiki Master/Teacher trained in
Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Sekhem- Seichim Reiki, Imara Reiki, Ascension Reiki , Celtic Reiki among others.

Gail Seddon-Davies Reiki Master/teacher trained in Traditional Usui Reiki, and continuing to grow my learning skills in the art of  healing, Looking forward to completing Karuna Reiki soon